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Thanks! I got this for my brother for his birthday. It was the one fiction book I got him - and the only one he didn't like. He wanted to pass it onto me to know what I thought, though, so I'm glad to get this for free. Given his disdain, I wouldn't have purchased it, but now I can start listening and let him know what I think!
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
he didn't like it? Well people have diff tastes! I hope you enjoy it though :D
He was annoyed that the old man seemed to stay just as grumpy throughout. He definitely did not enjoy - although he liked the back enough. I actually forgot, I did get him a Le Carre really cheap. Mostly because my parents suggested a Le Carre mini-series to him and he seems to be enjoying that more.

I think it was just he didn't mesh with the style and slowness, which I've been known to enjoy. I suppose it depends on the exact style of writing, but I want to give this a try! Told my mom about it and she wants it, too, so hoping the code is good through today. I need to get her password, which my dad has, so either he has to do it for her, or he has to give me the password so I can do it. (My mom has us do /everything/ on Amazon for her, so she doesn't remember her password!)
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
haha my mom is exactly like that too! :) and I have bought this for her too!
well like I said this is a special book for me like all the other books Fredrick Backman wrote and I really hope you like this too!
I'm willing to go in with an open mind :D

And I think my mom got it, but just calling my dad to double check now!
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
sweet :)
Thanks! Now I can listen to it on the treadmill.
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
lol! Enjoy! :D
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
When I looked it up on audible and tried to open the book's page, it tells me the book is not available for purchase.
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
hmm that's strange...are you using
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
Yep. I could find it listed in the search results, but when I clicked on it I'd get a page saying the book wasn't available. I tried several times, then I just added it to my cart from the search results page, then went to view my cart, nothing was there. I closed the tab and tried again, and nothing.

However, I just now tried it again, and it's working for me, so it must've been some kind of glitch or something.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up!
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
yep it happens sometimes i dunno why! I'm glad it worked out in the end :)
I tried adding the code instead of the book and it added it for me and then applied the code.

I wasn't finding the book, though, when I searched for it. And are you in the US? Because if not, maybe copyright restrictions, unfortunately :(
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
I am in the US, but like I say, I think it was a glitch, because when I tried again later it showed up just fine and I was able to redeem the code and everything.
Hol 1 year ago
I'm reading this for RL book club. Can't wait to start.
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
Happy listening Hol!
Whoohoo! Thanks!
As the page turns.. 1 year ago