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Grimlock ♥ Inhumans 10 months ago
I need to finish that!!!
As the page turns.. 10 months ago
the first episodes were quite low on suspense and the urgency of binge watching the whole thing at least for me wasn't there. I took my time with this one watching one or two episodes after work. You should finish that for sure!
Book Haunt 10 months ago
Nice list! I caught a glimpse of Westworld one day and found it captivating. I have to get to watching it!
As the page turns.. 10 months ago
it's really captivating and nicely thought out.
Midu Reads 10 months ago
WW made me uncomfortable in the best way but I still had to stop watching it after two episodes. Intend to pick it up again soon. Loooove the book list :-) It seems I have been reading more Asimov lately, so this will come in handy!
As the page turns.. 10 months ago
Thanks! :) I have yet to read Asimov..I intend to read some of his work soon though! :)
Bookish thoughts!!! 10 months ago
I watched the whole show in the span of two days. I really loved it.
As the page turns.. 10 months ago