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Murder by Death 1 year ago
I think I accidentally did the same thing with the illustrated editions - one UK and one US... grrr...
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
Oh I feel you!
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
I don't like mixing editions either. I think I'll pass on the updates though. I'm a Ravenclaw :-)
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
Another Ravenclaw! Yay!
I was all excited for those gorgeous covers until I read the part about them being the 20th anniversary edition. That can't be right. I'm not that old.
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
Lol! I thought the same thing!
I'm still waiting for my illustrated versions. Every year the other adult in my house asks me what I want for Christmas. Every year I say illustrated Harry Potter. There is still a space on my bookshelf.
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
Bookish Delights 1 year ago
I have Croatian paperback edition with covers from UK 2014 edition so I don't think I'll be buying any others... at least not yet :) It would be nice to have complete set in English(hoping they will release all books with house-themed covers one day)

But I agree with you on this topic. Way too many cover changes!