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AH@BadassBookReviews 11 years ago
OK, this is cool. This is a good way to give the original poster credit.
Sock Poppet at Play 11 years ago
I've seen so many wonderful posts and so many people here are putting a lot of time into helping others customize their blogs and figure out how things work on BookLikes that I really want to let them know how much I appreciate it. I think they deserve all the credit they can get.
AH@BadassBookReviews 11 years ago
It's a big learning curve. I haven't even attempted to put all the stuff together to customize. HTML gives me a headache.
dija's reading corner 11 years ago
i hear you, ah. i like simple html editing if it comes with very clear instructions, but if there's too much to
it, then i'm fine with how things are, thank you.
AH@BadassBookReviews 11 years ago
I'm actually collecting all the tips in a word file so I have them in an easy to reach are for when I attempt to fix my blog up.