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Haha, I love your passion here
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
I was going to add a .gif but don't know how. lol
I know what you are saying it hurt my brain to hear the different voice. That was not Harry ! I ended up just reading it. He had another commitment and couldn't do that book in the time they wanted so they hired somebody else. It does the others, thankfully
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
I saw that. Penguin Audio needs to redo this book. Like YESTERDAY! When Listening Library changed the narrator to Artemis Fowl in the middle of the series the outcry was so loud they redid the book (I can't remember which one) with the original narrator, Nathaniel Parker. I donated my copy to the Friends of the Library and bought the newer version. Because Nathaniel Parker is the best narrator I've ever listened to. Plus, he did all the other books.
I agree they need a redo. I can't believe they just didn't wait or plan better the fans wanted Marsters
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
Marsters wasn't all that great in the beginning, but we stuck with him and he really stepped it up and hit his stride. Then...this. *pulls out hair*