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Season eight gets weeeeeird.

A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
It really does! And I'm getting the feeling I missed something by not reading the Spike ones or Angel After the Fall.
I remember reading season eight without reading those, and not feeling completely lost, to be honest. Yeah, there was fuckery but I didn't feel like I needed flashcards. Huh. Maybe I was missing something?
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
This whole Twilight thing with the sex and's making my head explode. Wth is up with this ascending and crap? Blerg. And how did Angel get all that power? And Spike? Is that a spaceship? wtf?
Oh, yeah... huh.

Um, things get weirder if I remember correctly... Good luck?
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
Thanks, I'll need it. LOL

If it says anything, I haven't yet picked up season nine and am in no hurry to do so!