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Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
I can't believe people paid for these!
" I half expected to see my own"
I also have a couple pictures that have me waking up in a cold sweat some nights.
This picture is one of my favorites, so many questions. Why gloves?!
lol She has something stuck in her teeth and toothpick just won't do.
Sarah's Library 6 years ago
Maybe she's after the woman with the gun in mine...
What's that with cuffs, leather, and middle-aged ladies ... girls just want to have -- the fun they think they missed out on when they were younger?

Seriously great one.
A Voracious Reader 6 years ago
So much wrong with this. The gloves. You can't even see her hands! Maybe she doesn't want to leave any prints behind. That pose? Does she think the cuffs are a new lip ring? Or maybe she's channeling Dr. Evil. And her look says, "I'm a nutbunny." not "You've been naughty and now I need to punish you."
6 years ago
All I can say is this lady makes me want to RUN AWAY!