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Bark at the Ghouls 9 years ago
haha, I'm still way behind!
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
If you wait until the series is finished then you can binge read. lol I think the final total is supposed to be 21.
I do I do. I own all the Paperbacks, Comics, graphic novels, audiobooks, t-shirts and a few action figures . Not that I'm a fan or anything
You are very right
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
I need to step up my fandom. I have the books and audios, but having no money limits me. :(
Don't I know it. I find many at paperback
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
I did get the kids pentacles for Christmas. :D I need one. And shirts. And other pretties.
You are the cool mom
Ani's Book Abyss 9 years ago
I've been eyeing these books, curious about reading them. But Liam Neeson makes an excellent point and maybe it's time to bump these books higher on my reading list...
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
I loved the series from the beginning, but many people find the first few books slow or mediocre. But, like people told me when I started watching Buffy, it gets better. :D