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Sound advice from your mom re: ignition keychains. And I'm glad you survived those 25 hours without sleep, plus getting up at 3 AM for the return trip (even if the traffic situation bore it out). Lovely reunion photo -- looks like you all had a really good time!

Congrats on your 300th post -- that's some score!
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
Thanks! It was a lot of traveling so avoiding traffic was a blessing. Whew!

I didn't even start linking to The Sunday Post for a long time after I started blogging. And I skipped a few here and there. I wonder how many I would be on if I went back to the beginning and counted all the Sundays? My first blog post was 10/19/11. :-O lol
Yeah, that's part of why I'm saying it. Discounting book reviews and online discussion forums (which I discovered around the time the new millennium came rolling around), I really only started blogging when I signed up on this site -- but even so, I'd never be able to stick to a regular weekly blog post. So my heartfelt kudos for not only keeping at it at all but doing so for some 6 years (give or take a few). And I love your format.
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
It's the one post I try to do every week even when I'm taking a break. It keeps my toe in and helps me stay up-to-date. Plus, I sometimes like to go back and revisit certain Sundays. Or they're good for when I can't remember something and I'm likely to have mentioned it in a post. lol And thank you! :)
4 years ago
Congratulations on your blogging milestone. Wow!

And yeah, your mom is right about ignitions. :)
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
Thank you!

Ha! I knew it! :D