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BrokenTune 3 months ago
Wow, that is some wtf-ery that you and your hubby are going through. But, yeah, they don't seem to be worth the stress.
I do like your fitness fact, tho. And now I want cake.
Darth Pedant 3 months ago
^^^ +1 to all of this ^^^
A Voracious Reader 3 months ago
It's been incredibly stressful and it's such bullshit. We don't trust them at all so we're moving on. Sort of. There *may* be some things we're pursuing.

I want more cake. lol
Escape from the ER 3 months ago
Re your husband's ordeal: what a cluster! Hope you have a great birthday celebration & thanks for the tip on eggs
A Voracious Reader 3 months ago
Definitely a cluster of mammoth proportions.
Always willing to share my tips. ;)
Oh JFC -- this is unbelievable. Totally with you. Screw 'em. Fingers remain firmly crossed (and toes, too) for you guys to figure something out how to make up for the currently-lacking difference, but all the money in the world can't compensate for this sort of messing around. Here's to nothing but nice people and a great workplace from here on out!
A Voracious Reader 3 months ago
I know, right?! We *may* be pursuing things in a different direction. Shhhh...;)

He really likes his new workplace. The job is completely different, the people are nice (so far) and he enjoys it. If it paid better it would be perfect.
Fingers crossed for the "different direction"!!
A Voracious Reader 3 months ago
Thank you! :)