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No wonder you haven't had time to decorate for Halloween with everything else that's been going on lately. That said, I hope at least you'll find time (and the right mindset) to get back to books soon ...!
A Voracious Reader 2 months ago
It's been way too busy for me. And you're right about the mindset. I've just not been all that interested in reading even when I could carve out some time (which hasn't been often). But things are falling into line now, so hopefully I'll be gleefully cracking some covers soon, metaphorically speaking.
Here's to crackling covers (metaphorically) all the way to the end of the year!
A Voracious Reader 2 months ago
I finished Mythos yesterday and finally DNFd The Conjurer. Maybe I can move along at a clip now. *fingers crossed*
How did you enjoy "Mythos"?
Mrs. Claus' Tea House 2 months ago
We had our first Freddy's meal this past Wednesday (the school was doing a fundraiser there, so I supported the PTO and didn't have to make dinner that night - Win-Win!). I am now in love with their frozen custard and burgers! I wasn't crazy about their thin ass fries though (I miss English chips).
A Voracious Reader 2 months ago
I love the custard! So smooth and tasty. And I actually love their fries. Not at first, but they grew on me and now they are my favorite out of all the places to eat. Except maybe Bojangles. It's probably a tie. lol