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Happy Holidays to you as well!

I hope Mr. Puggles is going to learn his doggie manners soon. And that gif -- so me, too. Not just this past week.
A Voracious Reader 3 years ago
They figured him to be around 2 yrs old, but he acts more like a puppy. Maybe because of his background? We don't know anything about him except he was surrendered. When Anna leaves the baby gate open for him to roam that end of the house he acts better. I think when he's in her room and the gate is closed he feels we're encroaching on his territory. Now that he's getting along better with the cats Anna leaves it open more and the barking/growling incidents have decreased. She needs to work with him on resource guarding though. Everything just takes time. sigh lol
Well, good on you and your family for doing this and coming to his rescue!