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BrokenTune 4 years ago
The TP thing is bonkers. People are idiots. I'm glad you had a productive week otherwise.
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
It's totally ridiculous. It's not like manufacturers have shut down. wtf
Love all the daffs -- what a wonderfully bright note. And I hope the new appliances and other furniture are going to make your life easier.

As for people hoarding ... (sigh). I was surprised at how well staff at my local supermarket were still taking things when I went grocery shopping on Friday. I don't even want to imagine what sorts of utter folly (not to mention rudeness) they're being made to go through at the moment.
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
I'm going next door today to get more. They are plentiful over there. At least, until I get them all transplanted over here. lol

I just can't even with people anymore.