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I hope Anna will be OK with those puncture bites. Having Artemis around must have made ... a lot of things a lot more difficult. You're stars for giving her a chance.

Love the new appliances; they look super-cool (and truly supersized).

And fingers crossed on the emplyment front. Now more than ever!

Oh, and of course ... belated Happy Birthday!!
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
She's not sure if Artemis got her or the Great Dane. In any case, she's been bitten before at the Pet Lodge, but that's the worst one since it's a deep puncture. But it's looking good now.

Omg, I LOVE them! I just hope I love my electric bill now. lol

Thank you! :)
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Happy Birthday!

Also, LOL, on your Randomness Truth. I expect, the juice would also ensure people are washing their hands more often.
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
Thank you!

Ikr?! That shit burns. lol
TeaStitchRead 4 years ago
Happy Birthday
A Voracious Reader 4 years ago
Thank you! :)