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"Touching Nature: Rain, nice, rain, nice, rain, and nice. In other words, Spring." -- Hah. That made me laugh! :)

I feel your pain re: kitchen appliances. I don't even want to think about when I last cleaned my stove ... (inside, that is!)

And I've wanted to revisit "Perry Mason" ever since I found out that he -- or rather, the judge in that show -- was Justice Sotomayor's honest-to-God inspiration for wanting to study law and become a judge. I mean, how cool is that?
A Voracious Reader 2 years ago
It's actually kinda nice to actually have a Spring for once. The last several years we've gone straight from winter to summer. Ugh.

I love Perry Mason. I've never binge watched the show. It's on at 9 in the mornings on MeTV or something like that and my husband might catch it once in awhile. But I got him the boxed set for Christmas and now he's just working his way from the beginning. That show was CSI before CSI was even a gleam in anyone's eye.