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Happy Father's Day, belated BD and whatever other excuses, umm, reasons for having cakes and gifts there may have been in your home lately. And I remember your posts about your dad's death -- can't believe it's 2 years since then, either. Closest family are the hardest people to lose, there's no way around it.

I hope Artemis is going to be OK again soon. How is she settling in?

And of course I hope your foot is going to be better soon, too. It's still looking pretty awesome in all the wrong ways (and I don't like the sound of that "bump" under the surface ...)
A Voracious Reader 3 years ago
Time just keeps marching on and those of left behind have to just keep moving. *sigh*

She seems To be fine. No more head shaking so I'll take that as a good sign. We've had her for nearly 17 months now and it's still no-go with the cats. But she's not batshit when they come to the gate so I'll take that as progress. Deer or any other wildlife outside are a whole nuther story. As are delivery people. This dog...sigh. We're working on it though.

My nurse friends on FB say it's a broken metatarsal. Maybe? Or just a hairline? The bump isn't all that big and I have no issues getting around, so I'll just keep resting it as much as possible and see where it goes. Besides, recliner time means I get to watch Buffy or read so BONUS. lol
Take care of yourself with that foot; it seriously does not sound (or look) funny.

I hope Artemis and the cats will eventually come to some sort of truce (it doesn't sound like you'll ever get them to be casual pals, let alone friends). Wow, has it been 17 months since she moved in with you, too? Time really does fly. Well, at least while she's around your home is always going to be well-protected ...
3 years ago
OMG it's been two years?!
A Voracious Reader 3 years ago
It's so hard to believe.