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The house we are going into has a porch that spans the entire length of the house.
Oh wow, plenty of room for some outside reading! I hope you take advantage of it. :)
I have an outdoor swing Tha just slides in under the roof of the porch. The porch is deemed enough to be covered on the rain, I love it!
I love to read on the porch when it's raining too. I haven't had much time to do that this summer even though it rained almost everyday for three weeks.
That is so lovely. Wish I had a backyard (and a tree!) that would support that, because I would read outside again! I used to do a bunch of reading up trees as a child. In dresses. Drove my mum nuts. ;)
Look up: air chair with stand.

I just thought of it. We used to have one. So comfy. They are much strider than they look. I will check which brand we have.
Ooh, those look lovely. Hmmm. I might have to invest in one...
Wow, that Walmart link is huge lol
Lol, it kind of is. Thanks so much for digging the links up, though!