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Abandoned by user 10 years ago
Congrats! Nicely done!
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
:-) thanks! hope to add lots of words to it, at least another 20k.
KatieMc 10 years ago
Great job. I am so impressed by those who take this challenge.
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
Aawwww, thank you. Join us next year? :-)
KatieMc 10 years ago
I am thinking about it. Maybe, if my life settles down a bit.
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
We'll all be there :-) - gimme a holler and I'll hook you up with fantastic people for encouragement!
nospin 10 years ago
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
thank you! it's a rush!
Spare Ammo 10 years ago
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
thank you!!!!! it's been an exciting month!
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
:-) I am so happy, thank you thank you!
Go you!! Very, very belated congrats--BL was kicking my techless butt last yr and then holidays kicked in. Oh yeah, belated Happy New Year as well :)

AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! karma!
I haven't been around much either, I'm just doing life and work and reading and writing instead of wandering these corridors getting pissed off at all the crazies. Life has greatly improved, I might add. :-)
Nice to see you again. Thank you for the comment. I have done three rounds of editing, and now I am one chapter away from sending it out to prereaders. :-) (yes, editing showed me a scene was missing). So much fun!
IKR? I resemble that remark--betn RL & resurgence of BS, I was offline @ 90% of last Fall. :/ But at least I know how to somewhat keep in touch w/ you via different venues.

Awesome to hear that you've gotten so far along on WIP. Best of luck re: final tightening & polishing!
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
thanks bb! I'm all over it! :-)