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...Bookfanatic 2 years ago
Ok so I'm adding this to my shopping list because 'hell yeah! no quick or magic fixes.' I don't mind them from time to time but it's so nice to read a book that I can really sink into and not have to stretch my imagination to believe in the story...says the woman who's currently reading a book about demons, wizards, warlocks, mages and a world filled with magic, lol! What can I say when I want to escape reality I don't mess around...apparent the demons and warlocks do though;)
AnnaLund2011 2 years ago
Hi there! I hope you like it! It was really good.
And don't go around bashing poor wizards and warlocks!! lolololololol
...Bookfanatic 2 years ago
I'm definitely looking forward to it, it sounds really good and I gave those wizards and warlocks 4 stars they're doing just fine ;)