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I hope I'm providing some entertainment. And good call on not reading this!
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
all thanks to you and the lovely litchick LOL
Yay :D
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
You're welcome!!!
Her eye color looks a lot like my own. Pretty shape too. Still not reading this book. I'm all impressed that Grimlock is suffering willingly.
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
oh, she does take one for
the team, that's for sure!
Gleefully! And I bought Derrolyn's The Athene Effect after she said something awesome and because the eyes are my mom's - one blue, one green.

If you know of some really poorly written books that are, or have been free, let me know. I have a ton of freebies, and if I know they're total crap, I will read them and share the best parts with y'all. But I'm going to be reading some Dredd and Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after this as a palate cleanser first!
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
I approve of your reading material for the near future. Palate cleanser indeed.

Oh, I've been fooled so many times by a cute cover. Thanks to you all I don't need to fall in EVERY
I just got a couple Dredd books from the library. Yay. And I have soooo many artsy Transformers books waiting for me at home. *Pets them*
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
I've decided to read one of these a month. Next up, This Man.
... You will not tempt me to follow your lead.
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
Please. Think of how fun it'll be to buddy read horrific books together.
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
... You suck. And I love you. And you suck. Which book are we buddy reading, then?
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
This Man? Or you could join in on the freebie buddy read I have going for some Yeti Porn starting Halloween. We've come to think of on the cover as Sasquatch Jesus.

It's no longer free!
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
Here's an example of a truly horrid book.
It's no longer for sale. I must have it.
"Thayer's eyes seemed to be waiting for her before she had rounded the corner." Floating eyeball syndrome again! Exclusive for you :D
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
There are floating eyeballs everywhere! Apparently this is normal in Severine's world.

AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
omg omg cracking up
I didn't read to the second sentence. I needed to use it, so exclusivity revoked. But you got it first :D
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
I just LOVE how Booklikes' comment fields are un-linear in time, following the thought rather than the time line... Takes some getting used to, but I love the concept.
:D Me too. I got over the 'change, week!' phase a bit ago, and now I'm just loving it!