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Oy, I need more coffee. I read the author's name as 'Reese Witherspoon' >.< Carry on... :)

*hauls off butt to check carafe*
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
grab yer coffee then come back and read this thing!
IDK, Anna. I'm getting major NA and/or sugar sweet vibes here. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But 'mummy kink'? Erm, shall await your complete review :)
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
Heh, I'll try anything once, really. It's no different from the Daddy kink you find in M/M romance. But it most definitely isn't YA (thank god) and not sugary sweet either. So my update must have sucked to high heaven LOL - wait for my review once I've finished it!