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At first glance, I read the title as '...the Elephant C*ck of Al-Jazari'? Does that speak more to my mental state or what I expect of your reading material? ;-)
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
No dear, that is PRECISELY what I see EVERY time I see the title. Promise. I hope Ms Black did this on purpose. If not, it is quite brilliant, anyway!
Teehee *bumps shoulder*
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
*bumps back* besides!? What do you mean "what you expect of my reading material"?!?!? I trade only in high-class literature. Some decorum, please. My smut may take offence. Js
*snorts @ high-class literature* OK, let's critique the cover. Did ya happen to notice the interesting placement of phallic obelisk & fact that it runs right thru the letter 'o'? ;-)
BTW, I actually was snorting whilst typing that b/c outta the corner of my eye, I keep seeing your other current read. LOL!!
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
*throws her hands in the air* oh Ms Black's covers... Would you believe me if I said this one is slightly better than the last? But, yes. Godawful. Right through the letter c*ck. As for my OTHER currently reading, I'll have you know that it is, in fact, an academic and very dry expose' of the theory behind asshole behaviour. And I'm serious now. It is so dry I can only read about a chapter a week. But brilliant!
I've never read anything by Sarah Black (I don't read as much m/m as some of you ^.^) so will have to scope out her covers and see if I can figure out which one. And don't worry, I believe you re:, white cover book. ;-) I recall reading one of your updates.
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
here, I'll help you out: (I haven't fixed that review yet, so it's all Goodreads text in a huge block). But look at that cover?!?! LOOKIT!!! gaddammit. fugly as sin.
Wow. It's a good thing that I rarely pay attention to cover. O.o
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
And it's a good thing that I don't judge a book by its cover, because BY GOD I would have been missing out on some really good writing. This author writes like the wind, and is absolutely flawless.
OMG, ROFLMAO... surely not b/c of our little chat? It can't be! *looks around for lurking authors* :P

(btw, w/ the brave new world that is GR, wonder if someone will flag her blog post b/c of some of the pics)
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
I'm sure EVERYONE reads that tile wrong. I have just finished the book, and it was great! No sex at all, for a change. And I've seen much worse pics on goodreads than those, do they now flag shit like that too? Sureky not on the blog page of An Author? *giggles*