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You are amazing! Don't worry too much about us - have as much fun with your Dad as you can, and just let us know about it when you come back, please!
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
aaaaaaaw thank you! *preens* I *do* look very pretteh in my dancing apron LOL. I'll be looking in and hopefully posting a review or two too. *smooches*
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
He is a hoot and a half, and such a good chef, it is almost scary. But of the kind who wants to know what you have learned lately, not of the kind that goes "I'm the chef, you just chop the onions for me." He is SO much fun, and I miss him every day. We will do crazy Swedish stuff, and all the canucks will go WHAAAAAAAAA???? and then we'll tell really stupid jokes that only Swedes laugh at, and sit there and feel good, because: For once, we are home. (We both live away from Sweden, so this is paramount). And also: potatoes. *nodnodnods* If you know Swedes, you know their crazy. Potatoes. *nodnodnods again*
KatieMc 10 years ago
Bon Voyage!
aka Grasshopper 10 years ago
I hope you and you dad have a great time. You both deserve the best.
Have a great time, have lots of good food with your dad, and never mind the Friday 13th crossing! Sounds like you're headed for a wonderful holiday.
SilverThistle 10 years ago
Have a great time!! We'll all keep your space warm for you 'til you get back so take your time :D What a lovely human being you are to think of others at this time and give blood. Have a blast with your dad!

Herring isn't on the menu, is it? I'm from the North East too so I've got fish-oil in my blood :D
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
herring? HERRING?! Of course it is. goes without saying. 7 different kinds, all hail the holy mother IKEA who sells it to us. also, salmon, and christmas ham (no darn turkey, that's over THERE, on the canadian side of our table).
Thank you for your kind words about donating blood. I feel that if you are prepared to Withdraw from the blood bank in case of an accident, you should also be prepared to deposit, if you can. I also have a printed paper signed in my wallet that says they can use all parts of my body if I clearly won't be needing them anymore. In four languages, just to be sure. *shrugs* it's just right and just.
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
thank you all. I love Friday the 13th. the airfare was half price compared to today or Saturday. :-) *Waves* seeeeee youuuuuuuuu