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KatieMc 7 years ago
Great review. Anna, you have me pumped for this. I am not so much a sci-fi person, but I love tech. I am also familiar with Alan Turing's brilliant career and sad personal story, so the homage angle appeals to me.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
Be warned. You will not understand any of it. Or if you do, please 'splain it to me! But it is just brilliant. Brilliant! And, yes, the Alan part is indeed a homage. I loved that.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
heh, the mists of avalon was great for one thing: it finally gave the ladies some power.
by all means, give this one a try! it is brilliantly confusing. fantastically strange and lovely.
and yeah, we would have had a ball.
Jamie's Book Blog 7 years ago
Wow what an awesome review. I loved this: Because it is Monty Python meets Douglas Adams chewing coca leaves smoking pot doing shrooms and I know what nearly that exact combination feels like, or at least felt like at that time. I'm sure each time would be different but that's a whole different subject.

I really want to read this, I probably won't get half of it but that's okay, it sounds like the journey alone will be worth it. Would you mind if I reblogged this? it's just too good not to.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
Hi again Jamie! Blog away, I have the source at the bottom of my reviews so people can see where it came from!
Thanks for the praise, this book was one crazy ride, for sure! Let me know what you thought when you're done!
Jamie's Book Blog 7 years ago
Okay I sure will. Not sure when I'll read it but I will read it and then let you know. Just looks way too interesting to miss out on.
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
I've looked at this book a couple of times and it always peaks my interest, I guess this is my confirmation to add it to my TBR list and get it on one of my book buying ventures. Awesome review.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
thank you dearest! The review is a bit insideout upsidedown but that's how I felt after reading.
Yes, it needs reading, this book. it is completely out of this world.