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This ties into one of the books I'm currently reading. Which I must continue at some point today...
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
I was actually thinking of you when I put this up. :-)
Well, then, it's absolutely perfect. (It's funny - it fits my real life, and my reading!)
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
See? I see you! :-)
You do. And you flatter me at the same time. There are just more and more reasons to love you :D (Platonically, of course :P)
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
Of course! But be warned. I am known to be a tackle hugger. :-)
I tackle back!
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
better and better :-)
Let's just not do that thing that my schoolmates did way back when. If we time the tackles wrong, and bang our heads together so hard we both end up bleeding like crazy and have to go to the hospital, I may freak out! (To be fair, the two boys were both going for the same ball in gym class. True story, and it still kinda freaks me out!)
AnnaLund2011 5 years ago
Oh god no, that sounds terrible. I'm more of a full-body, grab-tackle kind. There may be jumping involved. js.
Yup. That sounds much better, your kind of tackling!