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...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
You're too much fun not to follow.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
hehe ladies! *takes a bow*
I'm giggling to myself here, I seriously clicked on this profile's Followers-button screaming "Show me! Who loves you, baby!?" popping a mental lollipop into my mouth.

And of course, who Followed? It turned out being that omnipresent godlike figure of a mike mullins.

who the fuck is mike mullin, author, and has he paid to get followed by everyone? I zapped his ass so hard outta my Followers list when I first got on Booklikes.

Shit. Maybe he's really cool?

KatieMc 7 years ago
Mike Mullin is the booklikes equivalent of the MySpace guy who showed up on every profile.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
I see. That's what I thought. It irks me to see him all the time. Also on that Explore page.

Oh well. He looks happy enough.
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
Like I said you are just too much fun, thanks for the giggles.