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BrokenTune 10 years ago
Thank you so much for posting this. Happy Valentines Day!
nospin 10 years ago
Fabulous story!
Thank you so much for sharing.
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
holy shit, thank you guys. thank you.
I come back and find this.

I rest my case: because THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

Suddenly. Connected.

Thank you all.
You're so very welcome!

FYI: this was *all* for me. She just didn't want to make you guys feel bad.

Oops, was I not to s'pose to tell them? Ah, they'll get over it. ;)
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
just sitting back watching you guys fight over me. gives me an uncanny feeling of importance.
How dafuq did I miss this? :( ILY, Anna.
AnnaLund2011 10 years ago
I really don't know, darling Sandra! I mean, I keep posting it, year after year!!! And YOU are one of the ladies, always will be!
ILY2, Sandra!!!