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aka Grasshopper 9 years ago
I'm glad your recovery came with delicious-looking cupcakes and some good reviews.
Thank you! :)
Mismatched Bookends 9 years ago
glad you are better doll! BIG BEAR HUGS!!! (but gentle ones) :)
Thank you, everyone! :)) xxx
Mismatched Bookends 9 years ago
I thought those were two separate posts by two different people. It showed up weird on my pc. I thought you being sick and those delish treats were two different posts. Brandy eh? Yeah not for the kids but just right for us! Well if you are baking you must be feeling better. Did you get your flu shot? Don't be a bad bear! Make sure you do not get sick again. xoxo
Yes, I always get my flu shot - doctor's orders :)) Must have got something else, tee hee! :))