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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
Argh. I always scratch my head over historians who can't manage non-scholarly writing without making it sound...well, like that. Not to mention that so many historians can and do manage it, and only now and then slip back into "writing a research paper" style. Or they have really great editors who tap them on the back of the hand with a ruler and say "no no, mustn't do!"

Dry style + repetitions makes me think of students who are writing a paper and perhaps didn't do enough research, and think they can disguise it by repeating the same thing in different ways.
Witty Little Knitter 8 years ago
Yes, I mean I don't necessarily need those book in a completely humorous and conversational style in which many of these books are written but that really read like an academic paper and that together with the repetitions really was too much for me...