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AH@BadassBookReviews 9 years ago
I hate when that happens. I don't keep the wifi on for my Kobo Touch, so once a month I turn it on and sync and that always causes me grief. Do I really need the latest version of their software? Everything was working fine til I synched. Apparently, on the Kobo all you need to do is hold the on/off switch for about 15 seconds and it goes back to normal.
Updates are the worst! After the last update my Kindle's battery lasted - wait for it - six hours WHILE TURNED OFF!
Yesterday the new one arrived and I'm never ever ever ever turning on the WLAN again. Ever.
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
Well the battery time is just about the only thing that works without problems (I have a Sony) and (if the WLAN is working) it just goes into standby but I had every other anoying issue with this reader...nothing serious that ruins it completely all stuff like this where you have to switch on/off or just do regular resets to keep it working.
But I'm somehow glad that Sony is not the only reader that sucks occasionally...I had already cursed myself for not getting another brand
AH@BadassBookReviews 9 years ago
I think that they all have their moments when they suck. ie - when the battery runs out at the best part of the book.