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oh awesome. I messaged BookLikes regarding this issue and they promised to make changes so it's easier to see who originally posted something. This will help me in the mean-time. Thanks for posting. :)
Witty Little Knitter 8 years ago
You're welcome. And good to know that they intend to do something about this. I had hoped that but I assume they're currently getting lots of suggestions and questions so it all might take a while.
That is pretty awesome! I usually follow all the reblogs to find the author. I'm curious like that ^^ And I wan't to give them an internt high five if I liked it.
Thank you for this post!
I have a stupid question. If I reblog something, can I add the original source (not me, someone else) to the "source" box? Will that give them credit?
Yes. You could also be an ass-hat and put there a link to a Rick-roll video ;)
lol You're an evil genius...remind me never to click on the "source" link of your reblogs. :P
AH@BadassBookReviews 8 years ago
Thanks for this.