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Linda Hilton 9 years ago
Oh, just what I need! Another gigantic distraction. For cryin' out loud, doesn't the British Museum know I have work to do? I can't just spend all day lookin' at cool pictures and interesting maps and centuries-old political cartoons and ... and ... and ... OMFG, come over here! Will you look at this?! Oh, man this is really cool ... My day job? I'm supposed to work? ... Oh, yeah, in a minute. I gotta go look at somethin' ... ... ... ...

Seriously, thank you, WLK, for this. Oh, I will spend many wonderful hours ........ just looking!

And thank you, too, British Museum. This is sooooooooooooo kewl!
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
There can never be too much distraction she said as she spent more hours one the internet while avoiding to do anything for her upcomming exams...*cough*