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Don't know the context in which it's used, but it may also refer to any sort of brandy or to "Akvavit"-style, clear, high-alcoholic-content beverages of Scandinavian or Northern German provenance (by way of a contemporary example, think "Bommerlunder" or any sort of clear "Schnaps").
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
Ah...interesting (still confusing as they also mention Whisky in the article) but something along those lines makes sense in context.
That is rather frustrating with this series, most of the time the context is quite clear so you know approximately what is meant but there's no glossary that explains exactly what it is. I'm getting already rather tired of googling all the Scots.
Eeek. That sort of thing can easily make one want to drop a series ... What's the writing like otherwise? (Plot, characterization, etc.?) The setting does sound interesting enough!
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
Well it is quite good, nothing special but I'm really fond of historical crime-novels and it's engaging enough. The author also manages quite well to have main characters that have views that aren't too off-putting for modern readers without having them seem like 21st century people that fell through time, which annoys me in so many historical novels.
That's a good enough recommendation for me to at least try volume 1, thank you! (I'll likewise read almost anything related to Scotland, though leaning towards Edinburgh and the Highlands somewhat more than to Glasgow.) And yes, anachronisms in historical novels are a major pet peeve of mine as well ...