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Yes, this!
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
I'm at a loss for words. I feel physically sick, and I'm a 7ft tall man capable of doing a lot of damage and this didn't even happen to me...

I feel so bad for Blythe, this isn't right. At all.
I know how you feel. I actually am feeling kind of numb right now: I was watching the fuckery unfold on the Grisham case, and I over identified because people have told me that they believe I was sexually assaulted as a child so many times, I sometimes wonder even though I know it never happened. I walked around, crying on and off for days, and sick to my stomach.

I was numb coming into this because I could either numb myself or not function, and somehow I found I could be disgusted, and saddened, and freaked out to the point that I was crying on and off again.

But your point, about why you no long review? I totally understand. No one likes the terrible shit that happens, but most of us are adults, and do move on with our lives, either by not allowing it to control or form who we are, or by, as you did, no longer reviewing books. (Both are valid answers to the situation - equally as valid, although one may be more healthy or appropriate for one person as opposed to another.) We shouldn't /have/ to, but we do, because of this kind of cray.

And hey, congrats to the people I thought no one would out-crazy. I guess they can't be called the craziest kids on the block, now.
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
It's not even really that I'm scared for myself that I no longer review. It's more, I can't be arsed dealing with all the crazy anymore. I've got work, I've got bills, I've got enough negativity in my life. I want to enjoy my downtime and reviewing became unenjoyable because of the insanity of a few.

Numbness is a good way to put it, I personally became more apathetic to the literary world. I read only ocassionally now, and when I do it's books I actually want to read. Do I miss it? Yes. I miss the interactions with other readers. I miss discussing books until the wee small hours of the morning in book fora. Would I ever do it again? Maybe, if I could be sure that my opinions wouldn't lead to an angry mob calling for me to be lynched.
I care too much about the literary world to leave completely, so my numbness - which is starting to wear off already - was more to that one incident. And I got so angry, I had to go numb or else I would lose my shit completely. But I figure that's healthier than going fucking nuts in public. I went numb until I could process a bit and deal.

As for the next point, the only reason I'm bringing up this nitpicky level of semantics is because I believe it's relevant, and as I point out later, your response makes my point for me. I never said scared. I said the shit that happens is terrible and no one likes it. The byproduct could be fear, or it could be apathy and a general feeling of negativity/not wanting to deal with it anymore. And I think you saying it became negative, enough so that you fell out of the book blogging community, actually proves my point. You weren't scared, but you didn't like it, and the rate and the possibility that it could happen to you turned reviewing into a negative enough experience that you decided it wasn't worth it to you.

Again, it's a completely valid response to this situation, and it's rational. And more importantly, it works best for you.
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
The world is broken
If I go down that road, it will be a long time before I dig myself out :(

But, yes, yes it is.

And I'm so sorry that it's leeching the love of reading, that simple joy, from people. Reading used to be a safe haven. No longer.
Have I told you how much I *heart* you, Archer? Spot on assessment, dude.

I'm still physically shaking hearing/learning about all of this. My heart goes out to Blythe, and I'm pretty much filled with rage at those who are defending this. No one deserves this, for ANY reason. No one at all.
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
It's always nice to find out that people you respect and admire *heart* you. Thanks Rose.

I'm concerned for her. Deeply so, she shouldn't have to live in fear because she shared an opinion.
TeaStitchRead 9 years ago
Thank you for putting into words my feelings on this.
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
Thank you for reading it
9 years ago
Anyone who invests that much of their time following someone around, even on the internet, is obviously disturbed. I just don't understand why people become so obsessed. I've seen a few twisted cases and have heard of people arguing on internet forums and driving across states to shoot someone (not book related). Surely this one has violated stalker laws?
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
You would think, but if you go to the guardian and read the comment, she's largely being hailed a hero
9 years ago
Obviously something has got out of hand. Maybe multiple things.