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AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
I guess he kinda wants to have a career, yes? not just one role. smart boy.
Archer's Asylum 11 years ago
I like him. I grew up watching him in Byker Grove on BBC as a kid, and then he went on to be the lead in one of my favourite shows, Sons of Anarchy lol. So honestly... I'm glad he's walked from this. It's a smart move on his part.
Alicia Wright Brewster 11 years ago
I didn't know anything about the guy before he was cast. But after I looked him up, it seemed like an odd fit given his past roles. Backing out is probably a good call on his part!

On the other hand, Gerard Butler (and others, I'm sure) has managed to play the hero or antagonist in serious action movies, as well as the romantic-comedy hero. Maybe Hunnam could have pulled it off.