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Post whatever makes you happy. I do. :)
I'd be interested in seeing whatever you post.
Go for it - anything that's on your mind is cool. =)
nope, nope, nope. Post anything you like. :)
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 8 years ago
Have you seen some of the stuff we all post on here? We don't mind at all (and if people do, there is a nice "reviews" button that filters away everything that isn't a review.)

And btw, nice to meet you, I never did on GR, but when I was finding people to follow during the big exodus, I went back and read a ton of your posts, and really liked them.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
Thanks. That actually really does mean a lot to me
Oh, and I know a little late, but seeing the Shining on your recently added list - I bought it when it went down to $1.99 based on talking about Doctor Sleep with you. You convinced me to give King another chance. Well, you started the ball rolling - I spoke to someone else about The Shining, and that clinched it. But it was 90% you.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
TBH The SHining is possibly the only King book worth reading IMO lol
Well, anyway, bought it 'cos you and I were talking about it. I had given up on ever reading anything by him again, old or new. So, there, difference made - to King's bank account!
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
*Shining... Fucking sticky work keyboard
Yeah, I have cut and delete posts so often without being able to edit them -_-
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
Yeah I loathe doing that so asterisk and edit like I do in other fora threads lol
Hah. I've gotten tired of doing it myself, so I may pick up this trick. And more difference - I hadn't thought of doing this myself.
Archer's Asylum 8 years ago
It's something I do in chats and on the Sony fora and reddit before they allowed editing
Makes sense.
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
Please do post away!
AnnaLund2011 8 years ago
Bring on anything you've got. This is why we're happier here, we can space out. So, post away!