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I never got that. Oh, well!
Archer's Asylum 10 years ago
I only just received it today. My content was deleted in september when all this bullshit started
Mine was, too. Never got a peep about the deleted content, though.
Archer's Asylum 10 years ago
Seeing as they just booted me, maybe they figured it was a fuck you? I also called them out on it being disingenuous at best, and plain unethical at worst in an e-mail to them, saying that they'd say they'd get it to us, and then... not getting it to us for months. Oh well!
Gee, i wonder if that has anything to do with a thread on Feedback asking where the hell the deleted content was.....
I'd ask where, but I wouldn't be able to see it anyway...
I believe it was, it's too coincidental. Maybe they hoped they'd get away with never responding but someone called them out.

This is complete bullshit, BTW.
That's what I was thinking too. Three months and they do nothing, Within a few days of being called out about it repeatedly and publicly and magically it's already done. I don't believe in coincidences.
I see this post, then I see the book Assholes, which Archer has on his recently added shelf, and I have to laugh at how they fit. Gr? Run by assholes.
Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
You can see it without having an account.
I can?
SilverThistle 10 years ago
A day late and a dollar short.
Archer's Asylum 10 years ago
A day late.... plus 90 or so