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The Farceur Trilogy 9 years ago
Oh man, I loved these stories way back when. They are all pretty eerie. I still call coins "coinage" instead of "change" because of one of the stories in there, in fact. (When you get to that one if you haven't yet, you'll see why.)
Bacon Ninja 9 years ago
Oooh - look forward to it. Just got into the Gaiman side of things around November, even though he (and Pratchett) have been recced by so many over the years.

Just love having so much great writing to wallow in :]
The Farceur Trilogy 9 years ago
Totally! I grew up on Gaiman but am pretty bare when it comes to Pratchett (unless you count Good Omens, hah). Just think of all the Discworld I have yet to read...

Ah, how I love books :)