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nea barabea (guest) 11 months ago
California! How cool is that!? :D Sending a big Hiiiii from the other side of the Atlantic, Brussels! :) Have fun at the readathon! :) And good luck! :D
Bluebird 11 months ago
Greetings to you in Brussels! I suspect your start time was much easier than mine. 5AM on a Saturday! I'm up this early during the week but try to sleep in a bit on the weekend. Oh well, Dewey's is worth it!
JL's Bibliomania 11 months ago
Glad you're along for the read!

I tried Litsy, but found that it was just another distraction - and between here, Goodreads, and the new FaceBook group, I've already got enough folks to jam about books with
Bluebird 11 months ago
I agree it's another distraction that I probably don't need, but a few of my friends are on it and they convinced me to give it a try. I have an account but have yet to do anything with it.