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I have had to enter every single new book I want to read. It's getting old.
Books Over TV 4 years ago
I couldn't believe they were not listed. That's why I just inputted a picture of my 2018 memorable reads. Why is this an issue?
Shelve it fro, and then all you have to do is add in the picture. Go to your shelves and hit the i icon, and it will allow you to import books. It's supposed to work on a whole bunch of sites, but may only work on right now...
Yep, have found this happening for me, too. So annoying.
Books Over TV 4 years ago
It hinders the experience of posting.
Shelve it. Use the shelve it feature and it makes it one hundred times easier and less daunting. And someone no one knows about it, which I find so frustrating that BL makes it so hard to find.
Books Over TV 4 years ago
Thanks, Grimlock! I’ll try that next time.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's a combination of Amazon tightening their policies (because the same thing happened to some cataloging software I use at home), and the new EU policies. My software at home is made in the US, so they can only use; BookLikes is English language, but based in Poland, so Amazon is likely restricting their usage to the site.

As Grim said, use the ShelveIt feature on and it will add the book to BL. UK Amazon has almost all the same books, if not all, in their database as the .com site.
Books Over TV 4 years ago
Good to know. Thanks!
I think it works on GR, too. Which I just found out...
Nope, it does not work with GR.
Chris Blocker 4 years ago
I keep adding new books, but I'm tired of it. Doubt I'll stop though. I wish it were not a problem.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
As a BL Librarian, I thank you. But I do understand it gets tiresome, so have you tried the ShelveIt feature with It takes most of the work out adding the book, even if it leaves out some of the information and the cover.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
What particulalry pisses me off about Amazon limiting them is (1) likely the purchase links to Amazon netted booklikes more money than ads (2) booklikes had just deleted all those other purchase links I happily used (kobo, nook, Powell's, etc.) to comply with Amazon data feed policy that Amazon has to be only vendor shown on book page.

Possibly a catch-22 because without the income generated by the links booklikes is unlikely to afford the good data feeds for new releases.

I want to help booklikes and flesh out the book database, but I'm mostly giving up on adding missing new releases until I need to mark one urgently reading. It's one thing to add the odd missing one, but several years worth of new releases now need adding.

I'll still put in librarian edit requests for issues spotted, combining editions, etc. when spotted.
My Never Ending List 4 years ago
I’m glad that I’m not the only one. I keep thinking it’s because the book I have read is under a different version or name but after trying different combinations, I end up adding many books too. I try to be complete too so it’s easier for someone else. Thanks for explaining why we’re adding books lately, that helps.
I mean, we think? Bl has left us in the dark, pretty much. At least one ShelveIt option works. I'm gonna be mad if that goes away, as I've been asking about alternative solutions for a while, mostly
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
I'm under the impression that anything publshed after 2014 is iffy and that definitely after 2016 no new releases were added -- other than by booklikes members manually.

Honestly, I'd not be frustrated if I had to add an out of print book not on Amazon or other sites because rare. I expect to add those.
4 years ago
I'm only using the Shelvett option right now. Most of what I read are new releases, but luckily, almost all of them have been listed at the AMZ UK site.