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Lillelara 3 years ago
Please go back to the beginning :). I recently started reading this series and I´m up to book 6 and they are so good.
Harry is such a great character and especially his character and the atmospheric description of LA are the main reason why I love these books so much.
Burfobookalicious 3 years ago
Thanks for the endorsement, Harry is indeed an intriguing character and I feel sure will have evolved over the series. I'm rather looking forward to the journey.
Oooh, you have so much goodness to look forward to. I think the key reason to go back to book 1 and read them sequentially (other than the stellar writing and Harry's character obviously) is that there is a real journey and narrative arc to this series, and to Harry's development as a character. This is not the kind of series where one book just follows the next one and all of them have more or less the same premise, with just a tiny bit of backstory (or change on the job) being referred to here and there. Rather, what goes on in Harry's life is presented as a whole; his life and experience outside the LAPD (or later, SFPD -- but for most of the series, it's the LAPD) impacts his life on the job and vice versa, and we get to travel his entire path of experience with him. And it's quite a journey, both on and off the job ... and for Harry as a person!

And, as Lillelara said, L.A. really is a character of its own in the books, much more than merely a backdrop. In fact, having spent several years of my life there, to this day I get homesick just reading Connelly's books ... even though he's not even painting an overly positive picture!
Burfobookalicious 3 years ago
Many thanks for your recommendation. I see 'The Black Echo' was the first in the series and that was only 1992, that's pretty prolific writing too, to have completed 20+ novels and the Harry Bosch series isn't Connelly's only listings I believe. Wow!
Yes -- he said somewhere that in the early years he'd take about 2 years to finish a book, but now he's got the process and the craft down to being able to do one or more per year. Which, given the quality of his output, is rather astonishing indeed. My impression is that the shift towards the higher frequency happened in the early 2000s -- I remember being worried at first and wondering whether it was something the publisher had insisted on, so I was relieved to hear that it was still Connellyl himself who was in control of setting the pace.