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Murder by Death 6 years ago
You're not alone - and I don't think it makes us prudes, lol. I was listening to an Amanda Quick novel - an Arcane Society book I didn't think of as 'romance' - but when the characters started going at it, I had to fast forward too. Ugh, so awkward and I was in the car alone! I don't know why it's nothing to read it but squicky to listen to it, but it is.
Jennifer's Books 6 years ago
I don't think it makes you a prude at all. That's the same reason I haven't tried a romance audiobook yet. I can read the smuttiest sex scenes with no problem, but I think listening to someone else read one would embarrass me beyond belief...even if I was alone!
Carpe Librum 6 years ago
I can hardly stand reading a sex scene let alone listening to it. :-D
Familiar Diversions 6 years ago
I can't do sex scenes in audio unless they're vague and brief. Not just because I listen to this stuff while at work (that doesn't always affect what I choose, or I'd never have finished Kizumonogatari), but because I just can't listen to it. So you're not alone.
6 years ago
Sex scenes are really awkward, but it gets easier the more books you listen too. As long as the narrator is good one. But, I can't do them if anyone else is home or around me at the time. I do a lot of eye rolling though.
CAB 6 years ago
OMG I was doing that as well. I just couldn't decide if I was rolling my eyes at myself or the sex scene
6 years ago
Yeah, I know what you mean...