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Definitely agreed on the "all time favorites." And I'd never thought I'd ever say this before reading these books, but ... I *dread* book three!
Escape from the ER 7 years ago
Both books are on my "Wall of Fame", as well. Don't know if your reason for dread is the same as mine but I'm afraid it won't reach the bar set by the first two.
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
I just don't want to read Cromwell's demise now that Mantel has convinced us to love him.
Escape from the ER 7 years ago
I know! I'm Scottish so that should tell you what I thought about Cromwell & his merry band of arsonists. Can't believe I actually like the guy.....
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
Now that's proof of a fabulous novelist!
Hah, indeed. Especially since Mantel actually does show him putting the screws on people (e.g., Percy, about that supposed marriage to Anne Boleyn), not to mention orchestrating the trial at the end of "Bring up the Bodies." So it's not exactly like she sugarcoating him and being silent about his role in any of this. And I *still* like him and don't want him to be executed ...
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
At least they are 'guilty of something.' She's done a fantastic job. Have any of you read her other books?
No. I've heard good things about "The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher," and I've got "A Place of Greater Safety" sitting on my TBR shelf at home, but haven't gotten around to either.

Have you read anything else by her?
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
I haven't. Place of Greater Safety is the one I've been considering.
We both would, I guess -- no surprise there! :)

I think Susanna G. may have read it ... Susanna? Did you find your way to this post yet?
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
Now we need to lobby for the ability to tag people!
Yes, indeed! Another new feature for the wish list ...
I have not read anything else by Mantel; my mother may have (not sure).
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
There she is! Even without tagging ;-)

Maybe that's what we should read for book club.
Good idea.

And yes -- isn't it amazing! :)
Mantel - that's an interesting suggestion for book club. I kinda like that.