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Which book? (Also, this is posting 6 times ...?)
Carpe Librum 2 years ago
We are experiencing technical difficulty......
Carpe Librum 2 years ago
I just really wanted to make sure you guys didn't miss this one. lol.

So, I was hitting 'enter' trying to add tags, which was not working....but was apparently causing the incomplete post to publish over and over again instead. I think I'm down to one now.
Hahaha, no worries. :) And I'd rather have six posts from you than none!

Btw, how is that book about the Beauforts I see on your sidebar ("The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown")?
Also, and this goes without saying ... great review!
Carpe Librum 2 years ago
Thank you! And the Beaufort book is great so far. I think I’m about half way through it, just getting into Henry VI’s reign & the serious drama.
OK, thanks. (Sigh.) Yet more books going onto my TBR then ...
Carpe Librum 2 years ago
The author is the guy who runs the Henry Tudor Society website. He knows his stuff and is blessed to live in York!
Oh, blessed indeed! Thanks for the additional info; that's good to know.