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Another great article.

Something makes me wish all those unfortunate "original" Buckinghams rejoice -- from afar -- in the re-elevation of their title all these centuries later ... and in the fact that the current holder of their title, although yet another man whose tongue has been considered a bit rash on occasion, is loved and valued by his spouse, who happens to be another queen named Elizabeth (and who can trace her blood line back to Henry VIII's father, Henry VII, through the female line).
Carpe Librum 4 years ago
Thank you! At the risk of sounding any more odd than people already think I am, I will admit that I often wonder about things like this. What do those in heaven see from where they are? Or maybe they wait and get the latest news from 'newcomers.' Either way, it must be interesting to watch history pass by through the ages.
Well, as you can tell from my above comment, I'm rather prone to this as well ... for the same reason!