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It's a little sad that you feel you have to censor yourself. I've never felt your reviews "attack" anyone. You are just as entitled to an opinion as anyone else. If a book is a bad book, you are allowed to feel that way. I do understand why you would elect not to review books. However, it is just a little sad that you feel you have to in order to avoid potentially angering someone.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
^^^ This.
Carpe Librum 4 years ago
Thanks. No one has pressured me personally, but I know there's an expectation there. Oh well....
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
As someone who was banned from GR for posting negative reviews, believe me when I say I understand your caution.

Bad books are bad books, and most often the people who recognize the REASONS a book fails are fellow writers. It's sad that both GR and AMZ don't have some kind of separate place for writers to expound, but they are after all in the business of selling anything and everything they can.

Now that AMZ is cracking down even more on reviews, perhaps in a belated effort to give their review platform some credibility, I'm more and more encouraging people to move over here, where honestly still counts for something.

Yet GR lets authors attack the readers ALL THE TIME (I realize I just potentially opened up a huge can of worms). There is a huge difference between a negative review and a review that attacks and/or insults the author. If you can't tell the difference between when you are being attacked and when you are being justly criticized, you should probably just stay home.
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
IMHO, an author who criticizes a negative review should be banned on the spot.
Carpe Librum 4 years ago
As tempting as it can be to respond to readers....I agree, should never happen. Even if the review is mean, inaccurate, or complaining about Amazon instead of response. Time for a glass of wine instead. Some of the things I have seen authors say about readers (on facebook for example) has astounded me. How do they sell books that way?!
Andreya's Asylum 4 years ago
I followed you on Twitter, mine is @losingandreya. I am also horrible about doing much on here other than posting sporadic reviews. :)
Carpe Librum 4 years ago
Found you! Thanks for letting me know because following back is also something I'm not great at. lol