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Thank you for sharing, that was a very interesting read. And it reminded me of the toxic waste lawsuits, where plaintiffs even today have a hard time demonstrating that (1) "cancer clusters" (or similar diseases) exist in their communities, and (2) they are due to the toxic waste / production methods in nearby industrial areas.
2 years ago
I enjoyed that post as well. It seems like this kind of thing is still going on, thought not as clear cut...with the 911 responders, for instance.
Carpe Librum 2 years ago
I think things like this have always happened and will always happen. Some of them aren't as blatant as with radium. Sometimes people truly don't understand what's happening. But there will always be those in positions of power who are willing to put others at risk. I wasn't necessarily thinking of social justice when I started writing this book, but it became an undeniable theme.
You're giving me more and more reasons to look forward to this book ... :) (Despite -- or in part, just because of -- the serious topic.)
Carpe Librum 2 years ago
You're too kind. :-)