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BookLikes is in its death throes, alas, as the owners are unwilling to do anything about the spammers and those pretty much have the site in a stranglehold at this point, alas. Pretty much everybody has left. You may want to as Christine (formerly known as Moonlight Reader) for access to the "Outpost" group on GR, if you haven't already ( goodreads . com / group / show / 190036-the-outpost -- to "reconfigure" the actual address remove the spaces), wich is where most of us are congregating now. (NOTE: The group is likely going to be taken to "secret" status soon, so (1) better be quick and (2) do feel free to reference me in your request to join -- anybody not having been expressly invited by an existing group member is going to be rejected.)

Outside of "The Outpost", you'll find me at
(1) My blog:
(2) and Librarything:

I do hope we'll be staying in touch! Btw, I've read your most recent blog posts and loved them, as usual, ditto Toni Mount's guest post -- but what with transferring my content to WP and one thing and another, just didn't have the opportunity to comment on your blog.
Carpe Librum 1 year ago
Thank you! I have joined the group but haven't gotten involved yet. I'll have to dig into it.
By all means take your time. Just wanted to make sure you're aware of it!
Carpe Librum 1 year ago
Does each member start a thread under "Readers in Residence"? Is there a spot with instructions? Sorry, it's been a while since I tried to be active in a GR group.
Yes -- most of the discussion happens in the various topical threads, but we all have individual threads of our own, too ... one or several. (Most have just one, but Mike Finn, for example, has two -- one for his reading and one for his "off topic" posts.)
Carpe Librum 1 year ago
OK, thank you. I'll try to spend some time checking it out this week.