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MC sounds like a tool.
Ceridwen 2 years ago
He's a complete knob, just the worst. Very much like Louis from Interview with the Vampire, always whining and being judgy and awful. I'm not sure we're supposed to like him, and if we are, it's a strange book indeed.
I hope whatsername was happy as a vampire. Vampire Nun.
Ceridwen 2 years ago
Alas, no. She was completely apologetic to cruxim guy for being made a vampire against her will. Poor cruxim guy!
Ok, so I'm taking this as a non-recommendation.
Ceridwen 2 years ago
Ha, good call. I kinda dug it because it was so bizarre in tone, but it's not good or anything. Usually with this sort of thing my hackles go up, but it didn't this time. It's that kind of women's fiction that I can't figure the intent at all.