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Obsidian Black Plague 2 years ago
It's weird. I think you are the third person who mentioned Mercy's lack of female relationships and I honestly never even clued into it until others said something. She is close to Adam (obviously), Samuel, Warren, Kyle, Tad, Zee, Stefan, her father Coyote though she wants to brain him a lot, etc. She talks more about her college roommate Char in this one, she hasn't been brought up in a minute. She seems to go months without talking to her mother or half sisters. But I can get that.

We definitely know that Mercy has abandonment issues. Her mother in her mind abandoned her to Bran who then gave her to a foster family who then abandoned her when her foster mother died first I think and her foster father committed suicide. After that she was forced to go to her mother who had a whole new life with a family. I really do like the comment about Mercy getting therapy. I do wish though she have it out with her mother, Bran, and hell even Coyote about how she felt being passed around like she was a burden.

I do like that we get more development of Honey and Marsilla in this one. But IMHO it's Adam that has better relationships with women and men in this one. Adam trusts Honey and she showed why she may end up taking a number two position sooner rather than later if the hints that came out in this one come to pass. And I want to see Mercy also get close to Ariana (Samuel's wife) and heck where is Anna in this? There are women in this series and they don't seem to talk to each other.
Ceridwen 2 years ago
I don't want to come down to hard on this series, necessarily, concerning the lack of female relationships. It's not even something I kenned to until late in the series, because Mercy doesn't take it the step further into actual girl-hating, like a lot of urban fantasy or paranormal romance series do. It's a lack, not an attack. I felt like this one was a step forward, in many ways, not the least of them Adam's more nuanced relationship with women (as you say). Historically he can be a controlling dick, and the line between that being just a quirk and something more sinister is a real fuzzy one. I would straight up love to see Anna and Mercy interact. They have similarly outside by not outside relationships with pack dynamics, and that could be very cool to see.
Obsidian Black Plague 2 years ago
Yeah Anna and Mercy hanging out or having a conversation would be great.